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Watch Party: Jazzy Ash

Jazzy Ash, in a blue dress, plays the ukelele in front of a New Orleans steamboat.


Chandler Center for the Arts is proud to present virtual performances that you can watch anywhere with your phone, tablet or computer, in your backyard, kitchen, living room or at the park.

Multiple award-winning and nationally touring artist Ashli St. Armant, or “Jazzy Ash,” is a celebrated vocalist, writer, and arts educator. She is the founder of Leaping Lizards Music, a music and theater education program for students, preschool through twelfth grade. 

Jazzy Ash tours the United States with her band, the Leaping Lizards, performing jazz for young audiences. She is a professionally trained singer and actor and holds a degree in child development from Saddleback College. She has 17 years of experience in education and 21 years of experience in performing arts, and combines the two by teaching performing arts to children and educators. Most recently, Jazzy Ash has hosted workshops for National HeadStart, NAEYC, and MaxFunCon. 

She is raising her two sons, Ellington and Lincoln, in sunny Southern California.

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CCA Anywhere: Jazzy Ash