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International Guitar Night

$28 \ $38 \ $48
Feb 23, 2025
Sun 7:00pm
2024/2025 Season

International Guitar Night (IGN) is the world’s premier touring guitar festival, each show bringing together the most interesting and innovative acoustic guitarists to exchange musical ideas in a public concert setting.  For their 25th annual tour, Brian Gore has assembled a lineup of four exciting new guitarists making their US debut to join one of IGN’s all-time favorites.  

Lulo Reinhardt (German) is well known to IGN audiences.  The grand-nephew of legendary Django Reinhardt, Lulo plays Latin Swing music, a combination of Gypsy Swing with Latin rhythms.  Alexandra Whittngham is a dynamic classical guitarist with a repertoire ranging from the classics to contemporary composers.  Niwel Tsumbu has kept his unique Congolese percussive style alive over the past 25 years living in Ireland. Soenke Meinen is a leading Contemporary Fingerstyle guitarist, mixing the incredible dexterity of his high-speed compositions with sensitive ballads.

Sun Feb 23, 7:00pm
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International Guitar Night 02-23-2025

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