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Advertising Opportunities

Chandler Center for the Arts advertisers reach an audience with above average disposable income.

Advertising Opportunities

Diagram of the available advertising options

Full Page Season Ad:  $2,575 5.5" x 8.5"  Per Issue: $400  (Covers 3-5 Shows)
Half Page Season Ad:  $1,975 5.5" x 3.9375"  Per Issue: $300  (Covers 3-5 Shows) 
Quarter Page Season Ad: $875 2.4375" x 3.9375" Per Issue: $200  (Covers 3-5 Shows)



   Your Ad In Our Program Is Good Business

  • Your message reaches an audience with above-average disposable income

  • Our shows are well-attended by local Chandler residents, seasonal visitors and the entire Phoenix Metro area

  • One message and one low fee will take you through a full season

  • Programs are taken home as souvenirs and then referred to when and goods and services are purchased

  • Our ad rates are an excellent value compared with other media

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