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The Magic and Illusions of Eric Giliam

Jan 27, Jan 27, 2024
Sat 3:00pm \ Sat 7:30pm
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World-Class Magician Returns to the Chandler Center for the Arts!

Prepare for an incredible journey as Eric Giliam, a multiple award-winning magician, returns to the stage along with his beautiful assistant for an incredible show. Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping spectacle featuring world-class illusions and cutting-edge special effects that defy both gravity and explanation.

Eric Giliam isn't just any magician; he's an expert in sleight of hand, earning him international acclaim and numerous awards, including being crowned World Teen Magic Champion in Las Vegas at age eighteen. You will see him perform Magic routines not seen in any other show.

But what truly sets Eric's performance apart is the interactive and engaging nature of his show. Expect laugh-out-loud moments, audience participation, and an overall theatrical experience enhanced by top-tier production values, all perfectly choreographed to music and special effect lighting. This isn't just another magic show; it's a 'Wow!' experience that many claim makes Eric one of the best magicians they've ever seen.

One moment in the show he transports the audience to his magical hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, through a captivating winter scene that's as mesmerizing as it is nostalgic. Adding an extra layer of intrigue, the night will feature the exclusive debut of Eric's latest grand illusion, a show-stopping act that's been so extraordinary it's been kept under wraps—until now.

The all-ages performance reveals to the audience not everything seen can be explained!

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Magician Eric Giliam Demo Video