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Theatre Kids: Alpin Hong

Nov 22, 2019
Fri 10:00am
2019/2020 30th Anniversary Season

This Theatre Kids performance is appropriate for youth, 3rd grade and up

With extensive classical training in piano and a background in extreme sports, martial arts, and video games, Alpin Hong is a creative force unmatched in his vitality and charisma. Alpin Hong’s innovative outreach performances offer students a rare opportunity for in-depth interaction with a professional performing artist. Alpin recognizes that the arts provide students with qualities necessary for success in any field, including confidence, self-expression, and perseverance. He delivers context and connection to audiences unfamiliar with classical music through humorous storytelling and familiar pop culture references.

Performance is 45 minutes + Q&A

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Alpin Hong Performs "Twinkle, Twinkle, Death Star" at Ramona High School