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Theatre Kids: Utah Shakespeare Festival presents Hamlet

Feb 9, 2024
Fri 10:00am
2023/2024 Season

The Utah Shakespeare Festival has been taking its Shakespeare-in-the-Schools tour on the road for thirty years, bringing Shakespeare to schools and rural communities across the Intermountain West. This shortened adaptation allows students to experience the magic of William Shakespeare and interact face-to-face with live actors.

Hamlet, as a play, is a cipher. The text reflects our own humanity back to us, holding up to whatever themes or ideas we apply to it. We can find in Hamlet whatever we want to find when we arrive at the play in that particular moment.

Hamlet the character is similar. The Prince of Denmark can inhabit endless corners of humanity. He holds up to time.

Being human is difficult. Hamlet knows this, and therefore he’s on a search for authenticity throughout the play. Before the play begins, his mother betrays him by quickly forgetting his father and marrying his uncle. Hamlet knows that something is not right and the Ghost confirms this for him. Hamlet follows a desperate quest to find out the truth. In doing so he discovers his authentic self.

Hamlet has two allies in his quest for truth—Ophelia and Horatio. Other than those two, he is alone on a difficult journey. Who can Hamlet trust when so few are honest?

Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Theatre, Social Studies

Run Time: 90 minutes

Age Range: 4th-12th

Study Guide 

Fri Feb 09, 10:00am
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