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Trinity Irish Dance Company

$34 \ $44 \ $54 \ Youth $15
Mar 9, 2024
Sat 7:30pm
2023/2024 Season

Trinity Irish Dance Company (TIDC) has significantly changed the direction and scope of Irish dance, re-introducing the art form as the phenomenon it is today. Founded in 1990, this innovative nonprofit repertory company redefines the medium with passion, flair, and precision. With a unique blend of uncompromising power and grace, TIDC sends a consistent message of female empowerment with a repertoire that has elevated the art form for nearly three decades. Considered an American treasure by critics and enthusiasts worldwide, TIDC holds an important place in the dance world, offering both a highly skilled presentation of traditional Irish step dance and a brilliantly engaging interpretation of contemporary world vision.

“Sophisticated and commanding” - Los Angeles Times

The Trinity Irish Dance Company, a uniquely Irish-American company was the birthplace of progressive Irish dance. Their innovative approach to the Irish dance genre “ushered in a new era for Irish step dance” (Chicago Tribune), opening up avenues of artistic freedom that led to such productions as “Riverdance.”

Sat Mar 09, 7:30pm
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Trinity Irish Dance Company | MAR 15-20