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Chandler Center for the Arts Brings "Jabari Dreams of Freedom" to Arizona Schools

Chandler Center for the Arts Brings Jabari Dreams of Freedom


Center for the Arts will present the acclaimed Chicago Children's Theatre production, JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM, for Black History Month. The production is a musical play that tells the story of Jabari, a young Black boy from the South Side of Chicago who loves to paint.

When a friend is hurt by the police, Jabari is afraid to leave the house. With his Forever President Barack Obama as a guide, he dreams that he meets children from the Civil Rights Era including Ruby Bridges, Claudette Colvin, and a 7-year-old Barack Obama on the eve of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Using history, rap, freedom songs, and humor, this play explores what it means to have courage in a world where Black children—Black boys—are not safe.

JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM is available to all area schools and home school children through its Connecting Kids Theatre Kids Program from February 22 to March 7.

This performance is suggested for students third grade through sixth grade. The full program is 48 minutes. Educators will receive a password-protected link to access the video on Vimeo, as well as a study guide.

As the performance is virtual, there is an unlimited number of classrooms and homeschoolers who can participate.

Cost is $50 per classroom (11-45 students); $10 per homeschool group (1-10 students). Fees will be waived for Title 1 schools and non-profit organizations. 

Educators can register online through the Chandler Center for the Arts Website.

For more information on Chandler Center for the Arts and its Theatre Kids Program, call 480-782-2680.

CCA Theatre Kids: Jabari Dreams of Freedom