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On Repeat: Sai Powers Playlist

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We live and breathe the arts at CCA, and lately, music has become even more important than ever. In this era of social distancing, songs provide companionship for everything from working out to working from home.  We asked our staff what's on their playlists these days, and they did not disappoint. Pop in those earbuds and enjoy this curated Spotify list from our Patron Services Coordinator, Sai Powers.

Sai Powers' Playlist

"I enjoy listening to all music. I have a playlist that is called the 'Everything I Like Playlist' with 68 hours of music. Here is a little piece of my music library, that calms me down when I’m feeling anxious or sad."

Click here to listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

Momma's Boy, Elizabeth & the Catapult

Apathy, Elizabeth & the Catapult

Complimentary Me, Elizabeth & the Catapult

Perfectly Perfect, Elizabeth & the Catapult

Everything's Fine, Jamie Drake

Stay Wild, Shook Twins

Call My Name, Dustbowl Revival

If You Could See Me Now, Dustbowl Revival

Good Egg, Dustbowl Revival

The Story, Dustbowl Revival

Debtors' Prison, Dustbowl Revival

Gonna Fix You, Dustbowl Revival

Busted, Dustbowl Revival

Old Joe Clark, Dustbowl Revival

Cherokee Shuffle, Dustbowl Revival

Drop in the Bucket, Dustbowl Revival

I Decided, Dustbowl Revival

Fidelity, Regina Spektor

Born in the Right Country, River Whyless

Van Dyke Brown, River Whyless

The Feling of Freedom, River Whyless

You Got a Light, Matt Nakoa

I am Not Afraid of Fear, Matt Nakoa

Sideman, Freddy & Francine

South of My Love, Freddy & Francine

Good Heart, Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Cast Off, Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Pollock, Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Redwood Tree, Jamie Drake