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Staff Spotlight: Cynde Cerf

Cynde Cerf


We consider ourselves lucky to work with some of the most passionate, talented, and hardworking people at Chandler Center for the Arts. While performances are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're taking this opportunity to turn our spotlight on the rockstars who make magic happen behind the scenes.

Meet Cynde Cerf

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

How long have you been working at CCA? I have been with the city of Chandler for five years and at the CCA for two years, but I think my heart has been here much longer.

What do you do? I oversee the marketing and communications for the Chandler Center for the Arts. My team puts together everything the community sees about the CCA, its performances and programs - our website, social media, advertisements, media stories, posters at city bus stops, show programs, newsletters, emails, Spotify music lists, even the screen above the concessions counter at the CCA.

What is something people might be surprised to learn about your job? I write a lot, but I also analyze a lot of data and work on a lot of technical things with our website, advertising and all of our communications. I love looking at numbers and data. It helps us make smarter choices in the things that we do on my team.

What is the best part of your job? The pleasure of being at the marketing table at a performance. There is nothing like a show night, seeing all of our patrons, smiling and enjoying time with their friends and family. I love talking to people who come up to the table. I have the honor of answering questions, hearing about their first impressions as a first time visitor, talking about music or hearing a long-time patron share a story of a special performance they attended in the past. I have a serious love for music, especially live music and being at a performance is incredibly energizing.

Best performance you’ve seen at CCA, and why: Wow. This is a tough one. I have had the opportunity to see some great shows here. Can I have a tie? I adore Pink Martini, and seeing them at the CCA in 2018 was a dream! They sounded incredible on our system; I never tiring of seeing them perform. And La Santa Cecilia in our Hal Bogle Theatre was so very special. That intimate space creates a connection to the artist that is powerful. That performance...just moving and emotional. Made me love them even more.

If you could see any artist perform at CCA, who would it be? There are a lot of people I would love to hear in our space, the sound is simply impeccable. I would love to see Yo-Yo Ma (on our main stage) as well as St. Paul and the Broken Bones (in the Hal Bogle).

Where do you recommend patrons go after a show at CCA (dinner, drinks, dessert): The Ostrich. It is a low-key place to relax and wind down with friends after a show. They make delicious Manhattans and Negronis - perfect with shared a shared bruschetta board.

What Chandler business(es) and landmarks do you show off to out-of-town visitors (besides CCA, of course!)? I love to take out of town visitors to the Vision Gallery in Downtown and then for a walk around in Downtown. Lunch and a local brew at San Tan is always a treat, with a paleta from Paletas Betty afterward. Then we visit the Chandler Museum. The exhibitions are engaging and the building is beautiful. Then, perhaps a visit to my favorite park, Desert Breeze, where my son and visiting kids can ride on the train. Dinner at Espo's (a Chandler institution) or Thai Rama (takes me back to my favorite Thai city, Chiang Mai).

Currently streaming: I am really into listening to the podcast "The Truth" from Radiotopia. They are clever fictional radio stories (like the old-time serials) with twists that allude to The Twilight Zone. They are thought-provoking and often touch on modern issues. I have also been listening to a lot of Mykal Kilgore, Annie Lennox, Andrew Bird, Jamie Cullum and George Michael on my Spotify - they all make me feel content and happy.  

What's the best thing you’ve seen on YouTube lately? My son and I enjoy watching drum corps videos. If you have never seen The Ohio State band perform John Williams -- look it up! Their formations will make you go "whoa!" and they sound so great!