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Voices of Chandler: Denise Carlos and Hector Flores from Las Cafeteras

A woman sits in front of an abundant display of orange flowers


Backstage at the Center host Cynde Cerf, interviewed Denise Carlos and Hector Flores from Las Cafeteras to talk about their upcoming performance at Chandler Center for the Arts. The duo, along with the other members of Las Cafeteras, a cast of dancers and special guest Lupita Infante, have created a music experience that pays tribute to the celebration of life and death (Día de los Muertos) called, Hasta La Muerte. 

They describe the project as an "auditory altar," an ofrenda in itself to honor those who have come before. In the process of creating the musical, it has become personal, a performance of healing and ceremony. After being inspired by their own experience with Día de los Muertos later in their lives, they felt compelled to create a practice of the celebration so that it wasn't something lost to the past. 

"By carrying forward the tradition," says Carlos. "We are preparing to be ancestors." 

They look forward to sharing the experience with the community on Friday, October 28. Listen in to the podcast to hear the full the interview, what inspired them, what people can expect and what Día de los Muertos means to them.