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Dixie Longate: Cherry Bombs and Bottle Rockets

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Mar 16, 2023
Thu 7:00pm
2022/2023 Season

Do you ever wake up one morning at 2:30 in the afternoon to discover that there is a global pandemic that makes your kids' schools shut down so you have to raise them yourself? What the hell kind of nonsense is that? It's in these moments of crisis that you really find out what you're made of. If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we are fundamentally different people than we were just two years ago. What have you learned? What did you try? How did you cope? How heavy was your recycle bin from all the empty bottles? When life seems to get too crazy and the world is crapping on your lawn, it's time to strap on your big-girl boots, grab your breakfast vodka, and light off a few CHERRY BOMBS AND BOTTLE ROCKETS. There’s nothing better than walking into your new self with a bang!

The new show from DIXIE LONGATE is a web of storytelling that only America’s favorite southern redhead can create. Catch up with everyone’s favorite Tupperware lady in her first-ever stand-up show where she talks about everything from Loretta Lynn to alien abductions, pogo-sticking to “safe words” in that rapid-fire delivery that has made her an international sensation.



Wanna join Dixie for some extra special fun?  If you add a VIP experience, yes, you'll get to meet, shake hands with, get a picture with and rub up on Dixie's leg like a dog looking for peanut butter, but she's gonna gather you around and share a bunch of extra stories that only you get to hear.  And if you share some stories back, she just might tell them that night in the show. 

You also get to take home one of her favorite Tupperware items that she never puts down, her adult sippy cup which is perfect for not spilling booze when you're riding a skateboard, having raucous sex or just sitting quietly in the church pew praying for something. 

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Chandler Center for the Arts presents Dixie Longate: Cherry Bombs and Bottle Rockets, March 16, 2023