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The Gallery at the CCA presents Watercolor Wash with Deb Goley

April 7 - May 16 | Wed at 7 pm and Sun at 1 pm
2020/2021 Season

The Gallery at the CCA, in partnership with West Valley Arts Council, is proud to present this virtual visual arts class taught by Valley artist Deb Goley.


Join teaching artist Debra Goley in this inspiring six-week watercolor workshop, with a new lesson each week. Watch and engage with each virtual lesson at your own pace on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 1:00p.m. Join the workshop series anytime during its run from April 7 to May 16.


Learn to use what resources you have to create a watercolor painting using different techniques! Impressionist painter Monet and Japanese painting influence will be discussed. Participants will learn traditional brush strokes and creative ways to use wash, resist, and unconventional methods to apply watercolor paints. 


A supply list will be provided for each week's class. Registration is required on Eventbrite; register for all, or any combination, of the classes being offered. 

Week One: Fish Can Swim

Week Two: Eagle Has Landed

Week Three: Lily Pond

Week Four: Desert Landscape

Week Five: Travel Memories

Week Six: Monet's Arches


About the Teaching Artist:

Art is Debra’s language, and it speaks of how she is innately wired. As an award winning international and inspirational artist, beginning with a career as an architect, she is now a full-time muralist, artist, art instructor, illustrator, and designer. Her latest love is working with fiber as an exciting extension of her portfolio, adding depth to her work after her mom left her with a plethora of fabric and a machine to draw with her needle. With a brush and a pencil in hand, Debra begins her designs by sketching to scale and allowing the form to follow function. Her life’s work is a continued exploration, which has its roots in a life lived overseas and the experience of a multicultural community. As a multimedia artist, Debra’s work and teaching style clearly represent a global influence. With each new project her journey begins with research and analysis of a subject which takes her design from concept to expression.

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