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Artist Q & A: Marc Broussard

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Chandler Center for the Arts staff sent a Q & A to the Louisiana singer-songwriter, Marc Broussard. This powerhouse channels the spirits of classic R&B, rock, pop, and funk with his music. Broussard belts out lyrics with an old-school soul vibe that has contemprary sound and Americana flavor. Rooted in a distinct Southern tone, his expressive voice is deep and heartfelt. Fans of Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke, Al Green, Ben Harper, Drew Holcomb or John Mayer will delight in Broussard's music. Don't miss Marc Broussard's soulful performance on Saturday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m.


How would you describe your music?

I like to think of my music as a good friend who always knows what to say to get you on the good foot.

How do you think your sound has changed since starting out?

More than anything, my voice is more mature. I hear myself on recordings from 20 years ago and think of how hard I was trying to sound like I do now. Let's just say, I was missing the "Marc." I didn't really know myself very well until about age 33. That's when things started getting really fun, musically. 

What or who is inspiring your work right now? And, why? 

I take inspiration from everywhere I can. For a long time, I was a real snob for voices. I've since learned that the muse can come in any form. That said, I'll always love the classic singers; From Bobby Bland to Bobby Womack, from Otis Redding to Otis Rush, I'm a sucker for the soul.

What has surprised you most about music during this global event?

The most surprising thing about music, at all times, is that anybody can actually make a living doing it!

Is there a virtual arts experience that you cannot get enough of -- a singer, dancer, theatre, museum doing some thing really cool?

My son has been doing some painting lately that I can't seem to stop buying. He's got a thing I really dig, and I'm excited for what his future holds. 

If you weren't a musician, what other profession would you want to have?

If I could do anything at all, presuming I'd have the mental capacity to tackle any field whatsoever, I'd have to say civil engineering or chemistry. Those two could be really fun if I were talented enough to excel and innovate. I often come up with wild ideas about big infrastructure projects and it'd be nice if I could actually do the math! Alas, singing picked me early...

Are you listening to any new music right now? We love recommendations.

Little Beaver, although that ain't new to anyone but me.


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Marc Broussard - "The Wanderer" (Live from Astro Studio)