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Youth Arts Council Session Schedule

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Youth Arts Council Session Schedule

Youth Arts Council Session Schedule

Session 1 - Welcome & Introductions - September 16, 2020  
Session Outcomes:  Define personal YAC program expectations. Virtual tour of CCA, understand nonprofit structure, staff roles, signup arts opportunities: Board Meeting, Arts Congress, Friends. 

Session 2 – Why the Arts? - September 23, 2020  
Session Outcomes:  Virtual tour of Vision Gallery, guest panel discussion:  define art, understand arts funding, state of the arts in Arizona.

Session 3 – Money, Money, Money - October 14, 2020
Session Outcomes:  Guest presenter, understand finances and personal financial responsibility.

Session 4 –  Create Special Event Fundraiser - October 28, 2020 
Session Outcomes:  Virtual tour of Chandler Museum, understand committee structure, create a fundraiser, form committees, develop a budget and timeline, delegate tasks.

Session 5 – I have a Dream! - November 4, 2020
Session Outcomes: Guest presenter, define personal goals, create a vision board.

Session 6 – Follow the Leader - November 18, 2020  
Session Outcomes: Guest presenter, understand and define personal leadership style.

Session 7 – Committee Final Preparation - January 6, 2021 
Session Outcomes:  Committee final preparation for special event fundraiser.

Session 8 – Arts Advocacy - January 20, 2021  
Session Outcomes: Guest presenter, develop arts advocacy elevator speech, develop Arts Congress plan.

TBD – YAC Special Events Fundraiser
Session Outcomes:  Experience first-hand implementation of the special event fundraiser.

Session 9 - What’s the Buzz? - February 3, 2021
Session Outcomes:  Guest presenter, public relations and marketing overview, real world simulation. 

Session 10 – Put Your Best Foot Forward! - February 17, 2021 
Session Outcomes:  Guest presenter, social etiquette, discuss resume & interview preparation.

Session 11 – Round Table - February 24, 2021 
Session Outcomes:  Provide feedback to Board members, Guest presenters with 30-minute discussion topics: Higher Education, Balancing Life, Getting the Job, What to Expect as a Board Member.

Session 12 – Passing the Baton & Graduation! – March 3, 2021 - Location TBD
Session Outcomes:  YAC Program debrief, evaluation and next steps.


The Youth Arts Council program is free of charge to all participants. The program starts in September and concludes in March.  A maximum of 15 teens are selected.


For additional information email or call 480-782-2682.