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Voices of Chandler: Backstage at the Center with Ashli St. Armant from North: The Musical

black woman with short curly hair on the left side with an artwork of two shadowy figures walking into the trees on the right


Backstage at the Center host Cynde Cerf, interviewed Ashli St. Armant, the creator, composer and director of North: The Musical. This is Armant's theatrical debut, tackling slavery and the underground railroad, relationships, grit, joy and bring human. With a score inspired by jazz, New Orleans and Black roots music.

"I think this work is really about conversation" says Ashli. "Because it's sparked so many for me and people keep telling me it's sparking conversations for them too."

North: The Musical premiered in Arizona for the first time ever on Friday, November 4. Listen in to the podcast to hear the full the interview, where the inspiration for this beautiful piece of art came from, St. Armant's hopes for what this musical will bring to others and all the people, ideas, and research that it took to bring this piece together.