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Planned Giving

Center has the ability to take artistic risks and present new and emerging artists

Planned Giving


Consideration for your loved ones’ future and security in your own retirement make financial and estate planning an essential need. Planned giving offers you opportunities to fulfill your philanthropic goals, provide lifetime benefits to you and your family, and extend the influence of your generosity beyond your life. You can also experience the joy of giving while minimizing the personal cost of a major gift through charitable tax benefits.

When you make a planned gift to Chandler Center for the Arts you are recognized as a member of the Jerry Brooks Legacy Society. The Society was established to provide ongoing gratitude to donors who have so thoughtfully provided support for Chandler Center for the Arts future. Your generosity will provide performing and visual arts in order to elevate the social culture of the community and empower citizens to bridge borders through participation in the arts.

Examples of the type of planned gift you may provide include:

  • Bequests by will or living trust
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Retained life estate contracts
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans and profit-sharing plans
  • Passbook savings accounts and brokerage accounts

As a member of the Legacy Society, you will be among the individuals who are recognized on the donor wall and CCA programs. You will also receive invitations to events exclusively for Society members, as well as select events, forums, and lectures. 

To support the mission of the Center and preserve its legacy for future generations, Chandler Center for the Arts has established two philanthropic giving programs, The Jerry Brooks Legacy Society and The Chandler Center for the Arts Endowment Fund.


Bequest gifts are typically given as a percentage, fixed amount, or residual of an estate. It is recommended that donors carefully review the terms of their will with a professional trained in managing trusts and estates. Below, please provide some standard bequest language:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the Chandler Cultural Foundation, 250 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225, the sum of $____________ (or ___ % of my estate or a description of the specific asset) for the benefit of the Chandler Center for the Arts endowment.

The Chandler Cultural Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 1989 to program and raise funds for the Chandler Center for the Arts artistic and outreach programs.

Let us know that you have made a provision for Chandler Center for the Arts in your estate, by filling out this form



Mayor of Chandler from 1984-1988, Jerry Brooks is an inspirational leader and visionary who spearheaded the major effort to develop the cultural community of Chandler.  In order to attract high tech industry and employment to Chandler, as well as develop cultural facilities for the city's students and citizens, Jerry imagined a collaborative partnership, between the City of Chandler and the Chandler Unified School District.  With an unprecedented organizational vision, Brooks developed the concept of a "shared-use" partnership to serve multiple needs within the Chandler community.  Through his tireless efforts and leadership, the Chandler Center for the Arts was born: a world-class arts center presenting leading artists and performances for the community to enjoy, while, at the same time, providing the students of Chandler a state-of-the-art facility to host educational programs and events.  

In honor of Jerry Brook's visionary leadership and dedication to the cultural life of Chandler, the Chandler Cultural Foundation established the Jerry Brooks Society.  Contributions to the Jerry Brooks Legacy Society are typically through planned giving, such as donations made through bequests, charitable trusts or through retirement plans.  These gifts provide a lasting foundation of support for the Chandler Center for the Arts, in keeping with Jerry's vision for a strong cultural center for Chandler and its residents.


As a vibrant, central space designed to enrich the cultural lives of the city, Chandler Center for the Arts’ mission is to serve a diverse community through a wide variety of programs. From well-established and popular entertainers, to new and emerging artists, the Center seeks to offer programs that inspire, intrigue and challenge.  In order to fulfill this purpose, the Chandler Cultural Foundation established the Chandler Center for the Arts Endowment.  Funds given to the Endowment are restricted, while the fund’s interest, which accrues annually, is used to invest in new and expanded programming.  The Chandler Center for the Arts Endowment gives the Center the ability to take artistic risks and present new and emerging artists, while at the same time, maintaining a solid financial base to ensure the Center will operate in perpetuity.