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New CCA Donor Wall is Also Interactive Art Piece

Local Artists Safwat Saleem, Ben Lewis and Chelsea Hickok stand in front of the interactive donor wall at the CCA


At the beginning of the 30th anniversary season, the Chandler Cultural Foundation wanted to create a donor wall that was reflective of the community gathering space the Center had become. Working with the City of Chandler’s Visual Arts Coordinator, a call for artists went out into the community and the proposed designs were as distinct as the CCA itself. The one that stood out was a design from local artists Safwat Saleem, Ben Lewis and Chelsea Hickok.

The installation, just like the Center, is accessible, approachable, and engaging. The piece recognizes the commitment of our supporters, while also providing a vibrant, colorful, interactive addition to the Center’s aesthetic.

Acknowledging the past, present and future of the CCA, the installation has three sides to its construction, each with a distinct image and color palette. The past recognizes the cumulative gifts of dedicated donors who have supported the CCA over the last 30 years. The present acknowledges donors who have given $1,000 or more to provide support for the current season. The future honors former mayor Jerry Brooks and his visionary leadership that led to the opening of the CCA in 1989, as well as his passion for the arts. His commitment has inspired other supporters to leave their own legacy gift for the Center through The Jerry Brooks Legacy Society to ensure the CCA is here for generations to come.

The project was completed with the guidance of a committee that consisted of residents and CCA staff. Thank you to Mike Halle, Lorah Neville, Debbie Rubenstrunk, Peter Bugg, Cynde Cerf, and Kristin Marshall, as well as the leadership and vision of General Manager Michelle Mac Lennan.

To take you beyond the photos in this article, we would like to direct you to the video on this page about the legacy Jerry Brooks has left behind, the art piece, the process of its creation, insight from the artists and a closer look at the design.

Introducing the Chandler Center for the Arts Donor Recognition Wall