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CCA Anywhere: Storytelling Through Dance

Apr 15, 2021
Thu 7:00pm
2020/2021 Season

Chandler Center for the Arts is proud to present its CCA Anywhere Series, connecting people through engaging virtual performances that can be watched on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV...wherever you may be.

Storytelling Through Dance features two local dance companies, each exploring the world of storytelling through different forms of dance. CaZo Dance Theatre is a kinesthetic dance company that strives to tell compelling full-length stories told through a variety of powerful dance styles. Their pieces are authentic, artistic, and entertaining, but not abstract, allowing the general public to fall in love with dance. ClassicalFusionDance led by Ms. Kayley Thompson, the head choreographer, fuses music and choreography from both the past and present to tell different stories. 



CaZo Dance Theatre
Lotta Lovin' is an exploration of all the different types of relationships, life lessons, and female empowerment.  Whether it's meeting people in a library, losing a loved one, or reaching out to someone that you've missed, we all can show more and more love in the world. Come together, treat everyone with kindness and love, and enjoy life from a positive perspective. We have one life to live, let's make it the best we can.

One of the stories includes Sleepyhead, a contemporary dance piece about a restless child being put to bed by their parent, despite the child wanting to stay awake. Sugar in My Bowl, a contemporary trio, is about a woman’s yearning and longing to be fulfilled. Another piece, New World Coming, is one person’s journey, as they struggle with the world changing around them, and try to be strong. The performance finishes with a jazz duet, Miss You, which tells the story of two people in the days before texting, waiting for a phone call from their crush. We hope you enjoy our mini performance! 


Thu Apr 15, 7:00pm
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