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On Repeat: Peter Bugg's Playlist

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We live and breathe the arts at CCA, and lately, music has become even more important than ever. In this era of social distancing, songs provide companionship for everything from working out to working from home.  We asked our staff what's on their playlists these days, and they did not disappoint. Pop in those earbuds and enjoy this curated Spotify list from our Visual Arts Coordinator, Peter Bugg.

Peter Bugg's Playlist

"I mostly listen to music when I'm doing yoga, so I like a playlist that starts slowly, builds up the energy, then lets you down softly - ready to go back to your day. This playlist could be used during an hour long yoga class, but could also be good for doing work around the house or driving in the car. Enjoy!"

Click here to listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

Loungin, Aso

Circles, Mac Miller

Untitled, Hazey Eyes

whoa (mind in awe), XXXTENTACION

Cool Again, Shoffy

I Don't Belong In This Club, Why Don't We & Macklemore

1950, King Princess

River, Bishop Briggs

Almost (Sweet Music), Hozier

hostage, Billie Ellish

Skeletons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Too Old, nimio & Alex Larsson

OdeToYou, Flitz&Suppe

Home, Billy Crudup

Young Hearts, NoMBe

10 Laws, East Forest