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Staff Spotlight: Dean Hannula

Dean Hannula at Soundboard


We consider ourselves lucky to work with some of the most passionate, talented, and hardworking people at Chandler Center for the Arts. While performances are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're taking this opportunity to turn the spotlight on the rockstars who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

Meet Dean Hannula

Senior Production Coordinator

How long have you worked at the Center?  23 years as a full-time employee and two years prior as part-time.

What do you do?  As Senior Production Coordinator, I supervise full-time employees and part time production staff in stage set-up and technical event needs. I determine crew needs and arrange the production schedule for all shows and events. I advance and negotiate technical needs with tour managers, schools and user groups; while ensuring safe practices and procedures are adhered to. I manage annual production budgets, expenditures, labor reports, safety inspections and technical related facility projects.   

What did you do before you came to work for the Center?  I was a freelance audio engineer at resorts and many venues around the Phoenix area. A couple clubs as well - for those of you that remember the old days, I worked briefly at both The Electric Ballroom and Hollywood Ally.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?  Seeing the variety of artists, music and cultural events that come through the Center.

What has been your favorite show you’ve seen at the Center and why? The Pat Metheny Group in 2005.  The level of talent that all the musicians had was amazing - there were a dozen of them in the band!

Describe some of your personal or professional accomplishments: Best personal accomplishment is marrying the love of my life, Li. I’m both proud and grateful to have in my life. Several years ago, I backpacked with a college friend across the Canadian Rockies from Alberta (east side) to British Columbia (west side) - 220 miles in 16 days.

Where were you born and raised?  Decatur, Illinois - Land o' Lincoln! We lived in Decatur until I was 13. Then Orlando, Florida until I finished college and then chose to relocate to Chandler.

Who is your favorite visual and/or performing artist?  Jack Stuppin’s paintings, for his vibrant take on landscapes. David Gilmour for his extraordinary guitar playing – I love his album, On an Island.

What performer have you always wanted to see? Although I saw The Police in concert, I’ve always missed seeing Sting as a solo act – I would like to see a concert with just him and his band.