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Celtic Spells Featuring Máiréad Nesbitt

$34 \ $44 \ $54 \ Youth $15
Mar 16, 2025
Sun 3:00pm
2024/2025 Season

A new production by one of the founding members of Celtic Woman, violinist Máiréad Nesbitt returns to the stage with a moving story told through live Celtic music, dance and spellbinding traditions.

Some journeys in love are easy, others are not...some are forgotten, some echo through time.
In Ireland in the early 1900s, a young man met the eyes of a young woman, and a spell was cast.  An instant, passionate, soulful connection.

He was born of a life of wealth and privilege from the North of Ireland. Protestant.  She was born of meager means from the South of Ireland. Catholic. A choice to stay or follow the heart...or surrender to demands - of family, of culture, of times, of religion.

They were told - know your place, accept your life. Could love make anything possible?  Surrender everything for love?  If you choose it - a new life in a new land and more than a heart could celebrate - and endure. Love and loss. Passion and struggle.  As old a story as any could be, as real and relevant as today. This is their story; these are their Celtic Spells.

Sun Mar 16, 3:00pm
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A Taste of "Celtic Spells"

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