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Syncopated Ladies

$24 \ $34 \ $44 \ $54 \ Youth $15
Feb 21, 2025
Fri 7:30pm
2024/2025 Season

Created by Emmy Award-nominated choreographer and tap star Chloé Arnold, Syncopated Ladies: Live is a ground-breaking all-female tap show that celebrates a sisterhood of beautiful diverse women on stage. These empowered women weave their inspiring personal stories with intricate footwork, feminine prowess, and life-renewing energy. Dancing to today’s cutting-edge music and featuring a vibrant vocalist, this show is electrifying, stirring, and energizing. 

“It’s Brilliant!”  - Whoopi Goldberg
“LOVE!” - Janet Jackson

Fri Feb 21, 7:30pm
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Syncopated Ladies Showcase Tap Dancing Skills Live on 'GMA'

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