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Theatre Kids: North: The Musical - Virtual Performance

$50 for schools, $10 for home schools
Oct 23 - Nov 17, 2023
2023/2024 Season

Follow precocious Lawrence and his mother, Minnie, as they escape the Deep South and travel North through the Underground Railroad, to seek freedom. 

Their route through Louisiana’s bayous, the bustling city of New Orleans, and the young town of Lawrence, Kansas introduces Lawrence, Minnie, and the audience to the diverse, multi-faceted lives of Black Americans during this time period. 

Set in the 1850s, NORTH is based on actual accounts of slave escapes through the Underground Railroad network, as well as Ms. St. Armant’s personal family history of overcoming slavery in Louisiana.   While acknowledging the realities of slavery, the book and original musical compositions by creator Ashli St. Armant bring out the full experience of freedom-seekers: optimism, bravery, playfulness, wonder, suspense, and mystery.

"NORTH is about relationships, grit, betrayal, ingenuity, and finding joy. It's about humanity" - Ashli St. Armant  

**This theatrical production has been created for all audiences. However, content may not be suitable for students under the age of 10.  

Available Oct 23 - Nov 17, 2023

Curriculum Connections: Theatre, Social Studies, Music, Cultural Heritage

Age Range: 4th-12th

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Mon Oct 23, 10:00am
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