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Contacts/Staff Directory

Staff Contacts for Chandler Center for the Arts.

Contacts/Staff Directory

Chandler Center for the Arts


Name Title Phone
Judi Johnson Marketing & Communications Analyst 480.782.2674 E-mail »
Cynde Cerf Marketing & Communications Program Coordinator 480.782.2689 E-mail »
Visual Arts
Name Title Phone
Peter Bugg Visual Arts Program Manager 480.782.2695 E-mail »
Caroline Hudson-Naef Visual Arts Specialist 480.782.2698 E-mail »
Jillian Nakornthap Exhibits Program Coordinator 480.782.2882 E-mail »
Box Office
Name Title Phone
Sam Ruiz Box Office Supervisor 480.782.2680 E-mail »
Ann Marie Hermosillo Box Office Associate 480.782.2680 E-mail »
Front of House Services
Name Title Phone
Kristen Pierce Patron Services Coordinator 480.782.2693 E-mail »
Rob Devine Food & Beverage Coordinator 480.782.2670 E-mail »
Name Title Phone
Michelle Mac Lennan Cultural Arts Manager 480.782.2683 E-mail »
Terri Rettig Assistant Arts Center Manager 480.782.2688 E-mail »
Tracey Wyatt Management Analyst 480.782.2672 E-mail »
Anna Camino Management Assistant 480-782-2679 E-mail »
Danielle Sezairi Rental & Program Specialist 480-782-2682 E-mail »
Name Title Phone
Jason Krull Audio Supervisor 480.782.2686 E-mail »
Bill Lorentz Lighting Supervisor 480.782.2691 E-mail »
Dean Hannula Production Supervisor 480.782.2687 E-mail »